Free Spins Casino Bonus Ireland

Free spins is one of the most common bonuses you can receive at an online casino. While the name said it all, many players wonder whether it is free at all. At Casinoslots, we explain more about free spins, what they are, are they really free, and how you can make the most of these valuable casino bonuses.Let's get straight to it.

What are Free Spin Bonuses

This sort of bonus is usually offered at online and mobile casinos as a reward to registered players. It can be used when playing the slot machines at the casino. At times, free spins will be available on any slot game, while at other times, it is only applicable to certain slot machines. This offers players the chance to play an online slot with little risk.

Casinoslots Definition of Free Spins:

The term refers to one spin of a reel on a slot game. Because it is free, you won't have to pay for the spin. If you are awarded 10 free spins, you can spin the reels 10 times on a specific slot machine without paying any money, with the wins going straight to your casino account balance. Many online casinos offer players these sorts of bonuses for the chance to try out an online game and test the waters with the hope of attracting a new, depositing future player.

No Deposit Free Spins

On some occasions, a casino will offer 'free spins' or 'no deposit free spins'. The difference between these two is pretty straightforward. In order to claim any 'free spin' bonus, a player must first make a deposit. Many online casinos will offer players the chance to deposit a certain amount to claim this bonus. For example, deposit £20 to receive 50 free spins. You should note that this is casino specific and will not apply to every online casino you join. On the other hand, no deposit free spins means that you do not have to make a deposit to claim the bonus. Many online casinos will offer this as part of their welcome bonus and as a nice treat to new players joining the site. All you will have to do to claim this bonus would be to create an account and voila, the freebie bonus will be yours to use. In this way, you can test out some of the games without having to bet any real money. Additionally, casinos will also award loyal players with a number of free spins and no deposit bonuses throughout the course of your online gaming journey.

Win Real Money with Free Spins

Free spins are not just a ploy to get players spinning the reels with no return. In fact, using these bonuses means you have a chance to win real money without having to spend any in the first place. If you use a free spin and win on a specific slot machine, those wins will be added to your balance. With that in mind though, they may come with wagering requirements.

Why Do Online Casinos Issue Free Spins?

Online casinos have two goals in mind - get new players and retain current players. Free spins, or any bonus for that matter, are issued to players as a way to keep current customers happy and attract new players to the website. And if you think the casino is losing money by dishing out all these freebies, that is not really the case as, in the grand scheme of things, giving away a few free spins is not going to make that much of a dent in the casino's pocket. Additionally, if it encourages players to sign up or make a deposit, then the casino earns back that money ten-fold. That means it is a valuable and profitable exercise for online casinos to give away freebies.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements is something that players need to be conscious of when signing up and betting money at an online casino. When it comes to freebie bonuses, wagering requirements can be considered a bit of a catch. But what does wagering requirements mean and how does it affect your free spins?To start off with, we have established that most free spins are essentially free, whether it is on condition of a deposit or not. Any wins earned from these bonuses are also added to your balance. While giving away freebies to players does not cost the casino much, it is the potential wins that could see the casino breaking the bank. For example, imagine 100 new players earn 10 free spins and win £100 while using these bonuses. Added up, this could cost the casino a hefty sum without any players even making a deposit (in the case of no deposit free spins), so the casino has to try and reduce their losses. This is why many casinos will add a wagering requirement to any bonuses awarded. A wagering requirement is the number of times you have to spin through your bonus before you are allowed to withdraw any winnings resulting from such a bonus. Some casinos may offer you a 10x wagering requirement, although some can go up to as high as 50x. A good idea would be to check the wagering requirements before signing up to the casino.If you are struggling to understand wagering requirements, consider this:If a casino grants you 10 free spins with a wagering requirement of 10x, you will need to keep playing until you've spun through £100. Once you have reached £100, you can withdraw whatever earnings you've made. On the plus side, these rates are not difficult to achieve and players have a good chance to walk away with some decent wins. Some casinos do not have wagering requirements, allowing players to instantly withdraw their wins from their freebie bonuses. That said, this isn't very common, but there are online casinos that don't mind giving away some free cash for the chance to land some loyal, long-term players.