Baccarat Online Casino Reviews: Where to Play Baccarat Online Real Money

If you wish to play Baccarat online but do not know where to start with check the information below. We’ve made a great guide for everyone who is a beginner but want to become an expert in this popular card game. On this page you will find information about online baccarat rules and winning strategy, best tips, that will help you to win, and main features of the most popular baccarat games in online casino. Also you can choose safe and secure casino to play online baccarat for real money and a wide range of free games to improve your gambling skils.
Here is the list of the best IrelandOnline Casinos, that produce video poker games for real money. All of them are checked by our gambling experts and are one hundred percent safe & secure.
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Casino Baccarat Sites Ireland
King Billy Review
King Billy Casino
100% up to €500 + 100 Free Spins

Allows Bitcoin. Live Chat option available. Award-winning casino. Offers Bitcoin games.

Playamo Review
Playamo Casino
100% up to EUR100 +100 free spins

Efficient customer support, well-thought usability, countless promotions for new and regular players, varied payment options, fast withdrawals 

N1 Review
N1 Casino
100% up to €1,000 + 150 free spins (1st dep)

Award-winning casino, popular in many countries, reputable licence, multiple bonus offers, VIP program.

Rizk Review
Rizk Casino
100% up to €200 + 50 Free Spins

Withdrawal up to 24 hours on average, top-tier software suppliers, mobile-friendly design, full time live chat

21 Review
21 Casino
121% bonus up to €300 & 21ND FS

Reputable operator, rich library of games, a great signup offer

PlayLuck Review
PlayLuck Casino
UP TO €800 + 130 EXTRA SPINS

Secure payments, Malta and UKGC License protection. Good welcome bonus offer

Twin Review
Twin Casino
100% up to €200 + 200 Spins

Wager-free rewards, strong licence coverage and website protection, welcome incentives for Irish players, high Cashout Limits.

Wildz Review
Wildz Casino
100% up to 500€ + 200 FS

Chat availability 24/7, mobile compatibility, good selection of payment options


Learn How to Play Baccarat with us and Become a Professional Player

How to win baccarat for sure?

Baccarat belongs to the most popular gambling activities in the casino ever. We are used to thinking it’s a difficult card game that demands mathematical counts and really good memory. But in reality, it’s one of the most interesting and amusing games. It has a very long history starting from the Medieval times as a card game popular for the aristocrats. It’s been mainly accepted as a high stakes game. That’s why nobody else could afford to join such an expensive entertainment. In the online casino, “punto banco” has changed a little, the bets have become much lower, but the main rules are constant. The goal is to get 9 points sooner than the Banker while 9 or 8 points are counted as natural which means this sum wins.
One of the most interesting parts of gambling is the bet. There are several types of bets which you can use in all online baccarat games. Each of them gives a great payout when you win. Usually, we play the game with 6 or 8 decks of cards where you get 4: first and third card is for Player’s hand, second and fourth – for the Banker’s hand. After each hand the whole huge deck is re-shuffled. Talking of the baccarat wins: it has the lowest house edge among all the card games in the casino, so we recommend playing this game with one of the real money casinos that we review.

Online Baccarat Rules & Strategy

Online Baccarat is an intellectual game with a huge part of luck in it. The player can’t rely on the card counting only but his intuition. There is no other way to win and be successful. We represent a short guide for you to learn all the basic rules and some secrets in order to play and constantly win. Playing in an online casino it’s easy to practice and feel confident.

Main Online Baccarat Rules

Even if you are a beginner you have a significant chance to win. For that, you need to learn the rules of this card game to start with.

  1. A number of decks are 8 (usually).
  2. The goal is to get 9 points. If a number of points at your hand are bigger than simply reduce 1. For example, you’ve got 13, drop 1 and you will get 3.
  3. Natural game is 9 or 8 points. If one hand is natural (or even both) then you should stand.
  4. Make a bet: Player’s, Banker’s or Tie, also in different types of the game there are available side bets.
  5. The dealer gives 2 cards to each hand – the Player’s and the Banker’s.
  6. According to the rules of a particular gambling type, the third card may be given or not.
  7. If a number of points at your hand are 5 or less, you should draw the third card.
  8. If a number of points are 6 or 7 then the Player’s hand stands.
  9. If with the amount of 6 or 7 points the hand stands, the Banker’s hand draws a card at total 5 or less.
  10. If the Banker’s hand has got 6 or 7 points with the first cards it stands.
  11. If the Player’s hand draws a 3d card the Banker’s hand may decide if it needs a 3d card or not.
  12. Both hands’ cards are compared. The winner is the one whose number of points is bigger. If it’s a Tie bet the Player’s and Banker’s bets push.
  13. Player’s pair bets win if the first 2 cards are of the same value.
  14. Banker’s pair bet win when in case the Banker has 2 cards of the same value.
  15. All the payouts for each bet are shown down below.
There are three main types of bets. Here is a Baccarat betting system to remember:
  1. Betting on the player’s hand means you win when you have a bigger number of points at your hand than the dealer’s. Payouts for Player’s bets are 1:1. Average house edge – 1,29%.
  2. Betting on the banker’s hand gives you win when the banker’s hand have a bigger number of points than yours. Payouts for Banker’s bets are 1:1 (5% as a commission to the casino). The house edge – 1,01%.
  3. Betting on a tie gives you win when both player and banker hand are of the same value.
Payouts for the ties are 8:1, rarely it’s 9:1. The house edge is the biggest among all bet types – 15,75%.

Online Baccarat Winning Strategy

We are used to think that every card game has a strategy that can help you to increase the chances to win. This is true for some activities like Blackjack or Poker but it does not work properly with Baccarat. There is no the only one basic strategy to use for everyone. In the internet, you have the option of using different strategies but not a common one for every Baccarat types. The trick in this card game, any type of it, is a bet. Sure, the best are different, some types of this game have the only basic set of bets, others - include additional side bets. But this is the start point of any strategy you may use.One of the most popular real money cards strategies is 1-2-3-4 as some experts believe that it’s pretty difficult to lose when you use it and almost always you have a profit. We will describe this system a little later in details. There you will understand what it’s about. Right now everything you need to keep in mind is how to count:

  • 1st stake is 1 point;
  • 2nd stake is 3 points;
  • 3d stake is 2 points;
  • 4th stake is 2 points.
The essence of this system is to control the stakes you can win and you lose. Even if you lose twice but your 3d bet will win you will get a profit.It does not matter what strategy you may use and believe in pay attention at the bet as it’s the main in this kind of gambling. Count the profits and house edge every bet gives: your priority bet is Banker’s. Avoid as much as possible a Tie bet despite it has a huge advantage as a payout. Apart from the bets, there is one more important issue – card counting. It’s proved that card counting in the casino may help. But when it’s about online gambling where everything is automatized so definitely not easy to count the cards.

5 Best Online Baccarat Tips: How to consistently win at Baccarat

Experts and fans of this casino game around the world give several tips how to minimize the chance to lose and enhance a number of wins.

  1. Tie bet is the weakest one and this fact does not depend on the version the game has. Players win too rarely to make such a risk. Also, bear in mind the house edge for this bet.
  2. When you play for real money make a budget for yourself. A certain amount of money you can spend for a game is a good guarantee that you will not lose everything in case the Luck has left you and will be able to stop in time.
  3. Learn the experience of other players, the game itself, watch and count. It’s said that Baccarat strategy may help but most gamers do not support this idea. At least it should not be the only one mean to hope for a win.
  4. Play baccarat for free. In the online new casinos, you have a chance to play for free and not make stakes for real money. This is the biggest advantage of the online game ever. Use this chance to understand every detail of the game.
  5. The bet on a banker’s hand in all Baccarat games is the best for the player. Continue to make a stake on the Banker’s hand till the moment it loses.

FAQ about Online Baccarat

How to select bet?

There are 4 types of bet at Baccarat tables: Banker’s, Player’s, Tie bet and side bets. Keep in mind the house edge first, then the payouts. Read the tips from the professional players and rely on them while building your own experience in this card game.

What chances of winning do I have?

The chances for the win are counted by the house edge. The highest is for the Tie bet, the lowest – at the Banker’s hand bet. RTP at Baccarat is 98-99%, Live Baccarat - 96-97%.

What means Panda 8 and Dragon 7 at Baccarat?

Panda 8 and Dragon 7 are the side bets at certain types of Baccarat online. Not all tables will give you a chance to select such bet. Panda 8 payout is 25:1 for 8 points at Player’s hand of 3 cards. Dragon 7 payout is 40:1 and it wins when the Player’s hand has 7 points total of 3 cards.

Is it legal to use card counting while playing?

Card counting is a method that is used in any card game where the player divides cards into bad and good ones. Card counting at this game is absolutely legal, both in the offline and online casino. You can use it as a part of the strategy when you play online but do not rely on it only.

What is 1-2-3-4 Baccarat Strategy?

1-2-3-4 is a simple system that is made to enhance the chances of the player to win and get a profit.

  • If 1st stake loses you lose 1 point;
  • If 2nd loses you lose 2 points ( you bet 4 and win 2);
  • If 3n bet loses you get a profit of 2 points as after 2nd bet you have 2 points more;
  • if 4th stake loses you still have 2 points profit;
  • If 3d and 4th bets win you get 10 points profit.

What means EZ Baccarat?

It is a type of classic card game with a slight difference at the Banker’s bet: if the banker gets 7 total in 3 cards this bet is Push; all pay wins even money. There are 2 more types of bet added in the game: they are Panda 8 and Dragon 7.

What is a tie bet at Baccarat?

Tie bet is such a stake that the player put on the special area called “Tie” on the screen on the computer in the online game. The Player wins if he has the amount of points similar to the Banker. In other words, the Player and the Banker has a tie.

What side bets exist at Baccarat?

There is a big amount of side bets at live Baccarat but you can make such stakes only at the certain version of this casino game, like mini card games mostly. The most popular of side bets are Natural side bets, Dragon 7, Panda 8, big and small bets, Perfect pair, Either pair (Player pair and Banker pair both are paid the same – 11:1), 4-5-6, Lucky Bonus.

Types of Online Baccarat

One type of the Baccarat is different from another due to the betting system is has: some baccarat games are traditional with standard bets that come from the very first version of this game, others have got new bets just recently. In the table below you will see the most popular online versions of it.

GameFeaturesRecommended casinos
Baccarat Classic
  • Player’s, Banker’s and Tie bets;
  • Side bets;
  • Tie pays 9:1.
Royal Vegas, All Slots, Casinoland, Ruby Fortune.
High Limit Baccarat
  • Banker - 1,06% house edge;
  • Player - 1,24%;
  • Tie – 14,36%;
  • Combination - Player-and-Tie or Banker-and-Tie.
Spin Palace, Royal Vegas, All Slots, Ruby Fortune.
Baccarat Gold
  • The house edge of the Player and banker is closer;
  • The house edge at the Tie bet is lower than usual;
  • Player bet – 1,147% house edge;
  • Banker – 1,144%;
  • Tie bets – 4,9%.
Spin Palace, Royal Vegas, All Slots, Ruby Fortune, Casino Room.
Baccarat Pro
  • Classic bets – Banker, Player, and Tie;
  • A chance to make 2 of bets or all 3;
  • Tie bet payout – 9:1;
  • RTP: 98.96.
Casinoland, Casino Room
Baccarat VIP
  • Standard bets;
  • For the high rollers.
Baccarat Diamond
  • Side bets: Lucky 9, Super 6 and Hi-Ti.
Spin Palace.

Where to play Baccarat Online

After reading all information about online baccarat rules and strategy, you can safely start to play this game online. But first you should choose, how exacty you want to play: for fun or for real money, with friends or with live dealer, on your mobile phone or on computer. Here is the best places to play baccarat online in the way you want.

Play Baccarat Online Real Money

Best way to play baccarat for real money is to visit Online Casino. There you should create your own account, make your first deposit and then play the game you want. Lot's of Irish Casinos produce Online Baccarat games. You can read casino reviews on our site to choose the one for yourself. We guarantee, all casinos we recommend are safe & secure.

Play Baccarat Online Live

Playing live baccarat means playing baccarat with the real person, who is also a dealer. Usually people choose this option, because it's more interesting and exciting, that the regular baccarat. To play in this way you need to register at the Live Dealer Casino.

Play Baccarat Online Free

Playing free baccarat games is convenient for those, who has no experience in this casino game yet. This helps you improve your gambling skills and save some money. Usually online casinos don't produce free baccarat games online, but Casinoslots can help you with this. Here we have a wide range of free casino games and online baccarat is no different. Choose the game you want and go ahead!

Baccarat Payout in Online Casinos

All online casinos have different banking options for withdrawals and deposits. Here we made a list of casinos, that have baccarat games and specific payment options:

  • To Play Baccarat with Paypal you should visit these casinos: Spin Palace, Casino-Room, Ruby-Fortune, BetWay.
  • Best Online Casinos that accept Paysafecard and have baccarat games are: NightRush, Casinoland, All Slots, Leo Vegas, Casino Room, Ruby Fortune.
  • Online Casinos to play Baccarat with Skrill/Neteller: Spin Palace, NightRush, Casinoland, Casino-Room, Ruby-Fortune, BetWay.
  • Casinos that accept entroPay and have different online baccarat games: Royal Vegas, 888 Casino.
  • To play Baccarat and pay with eco Payz you should visit these casinos: Casinoland, Ruby Fortune.