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New game release at Casumo

Introducing new slot game exclusively at Casumo online casino – CUBES 2 Be there or be square CUBES 2 video game – is a fun new launch from Hacksaw Gaming, exclusively available at Casumo online casino! CUBES 2, like its famous older sister-game CUBES, is a cluster-based slots game. In order to get a winning […]

No Clocks and No Windows. What Tricks Do Casinos Use on You?

Ever been to Vegas? Even a few times? Millions of people do it. It is an undeniable fact that the prospect of winning huge sums of money is the main draw for casinos. But how do they keep them gambling for as long as possible – even when they are losing? Casinos are psychological minefields. […]

How to be lucky in gambling?

While any mathematician will tell you that your chances of winning at a real money at online casino are pretty much fixed, a popular view has existed as long as gambling has been around that luck, the Gods, pure chance whatever you want to call it plays a big part in your chances of winning or […]


When you have lots of free time in your hands, you tend to wonder what you can do with it that’s both fun and productive… right? If you’re one of those people, you shouldn’t waste your time wondering what to do with it anymore, as the Internet usually has all the answers. We’ve got the […]