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Online gambling is extremely popular in the Irish market. Part of this is due to the Irishman’s penchant for gambling – after all, the phrase “luck of the Irish” didn’t come out of nowhere. The other major part is because of the Betting (Amendment) Act that the Irish government signed into law in 2015. The amendments made online gambling legal for many websites by regulating these websites according to Irish law. This subsequently led to a massive boom in online gambling in Ireland and brought forth a plethora of convenient payment methods to facilitate that boom. The pay by phone method of payment is perhaps the most convenient and privacy-centered among all of these methods.

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What is Boku?

Boku is one of the popular payment processors in the Irish market that uses the pay by phone method for online payments. The payment system has quite a complicated history. Originally, a company called Vidicom Ltd., it was founded in 2003 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. It released an application called Mobilcash, which was successful in securing funding for development. Subsequently, the founders re-established the company as Boku Inc after an acquisition. This company launched in the USA in 2009 with its headquarters based in San Francisco, California. After securing a number of investments, Boku went public at the London Stock Exchange in November of 2017. It supports more than 173 carriers in over 50 markets, which includes Ireland.

Although Boku is a carrier billing system that allows for online payments for digital and virtual goods, such as mobile apps, music, and games, it is primarily used in the Irish market to fund online casino accounts for gambling purposes. Boku allows subscribers of partner telecom carriers to pay their gambling bills online without a credit or debit card in Ireland.

There are many online casinos that support Boku casino deposits. However, not all online casinos that offer their services online are Boku casinos. You have to scout the internet to find a casino with Boku support. These websites include the Boku logo on their sign up and deposit pages to indicate that they accept Boku payments. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best casinos that offer exactly this support:

Online Casinos That Accept Boku Payments

To entice new players to their platform, many Boku casino sites offer generous welcome bonuses and other rewards (in the form of free spins in certain games) when you sign up for an account on their website. One thing to note is that these bonuses and rewards depend on the payment method you select. So you might only receive the bonuses and rewards if you use the exact payment method that they are promoting. To ensure that you get all of these bonuses when you sign up, make sure that you select Boku as your payment method.

The Latest Boku Casino Sites

  1. The Online Casino: Free £5 without deposit
  2. Up to £1,500 Casino Welcome Bonus + 150 Zee Spins + 500 Zee Points
  3. Slotty Vegas: €350 and 135 FREE SPINS
  4. Fortune Mobile Casino: Up to £850 Welcome Package and 50 Free Spins
  5. 22Bet Casino: 100% Welcome Bonus up to €300 for new customers
  6. Fruity Wins: Up to £1,000 Welcome Package and 100 Free Spins
  7. Captain Spins: 100% up to £1,200 and 260 Free Spins for new customers
  8. Vegas Wins Casino: Up to £1,000 Welcome Package and 100 Free Spins
  9. Casino Winner: 100% Welcome Bonus up to €200 and 50 Free Spins for new customers
  10. Slots Heaven: 100% Welcome Bonus up to €100 and 200 Free Spins for new customers

The 10 Best Boku Payment Casino Sites

  1. 1XSlots: WELCOME PACKAGE UP TO 1500EUR and 150 Free Spins
  2. NetBet Casino: 100% Welcome Bonus up to €200 for new customers
  3. Genesis Casino: $1000 Bonus+ 300 Free Spins! for new customers
  4. Casino Cruise: Welcome Package $1000 and 200 Free Spins for new customers
  5. Pelaa Casino: 150 Free Spins + $1000 Welcome Bonus for new customers
  7. 100% bonus up to $400 and 200 free spins for new customers
  8. Slot Planet Casino: 100% Welcome Bonus up to €222 and 22 Free Spins
  9. PlayGrand Casino: WELCOME PACKAGE UP TO €1,000 and 100 BONUS SPINS for new customers
  10. Kerching Casino: 100% Welcome Bonus up to £500 and 150 Free Spins

How to Use Boku for Online Gambling

The initial setup for using Boku is extremely simple. Register an account on one of the websites that we listed above and go to the webpage that allows you to deposit money. For the payment method, choose Boku (or Pay By Phone if that is not present). The website will redirect you to a payment panel for Boku, where you need to enter your mobile phone number. The mobile casino will remember this number so you do not have to enter it manually in the future when you need to make additional deposits. Input the amount of money you want to deposit, and tap accept.

You should now receive a text message on the number you provided asking you to confirm the payment. Reply with a "Y" or "yes" to confirm the payment. You will instantaneously receive the amount in your casino account, plus the bonus and rewards we mentioned earlier. You can use these for gambling online as soon as you want.

Depositing Money Into Your Online Casino Account Using Boku

Subsequent deposits after the initial setup follow the same procedure, with one key difference; you will not have to enter your phone number ever again when you try to make another deposit.

One question people often have is, "does it matter if I am on a pre-paid or post-paid plan?" The short answer is no. You can use either pre-paid or post-paid plans for Boku payments. The only difference occurs in the time of payment.

When you make a deposit using a pre-paid or pay as you go plan, Boku instantly deducts the amount from your pre-paid credit and adds that to your online account. However, there is one caveat - you can not deposit a greater amount than your current pre-paid balance. To deposit greater amounts, you will have to top up your pre-paid credit first.

Post-paid deposits, on the other hand, are much simpler. When you deposit using a post-paid connection, the amount is added to your monthly mobile phone bill. You can pay the amount off when you receive your mobile phone bill at the end of the month. However, Boku does add the amount to your online casino account as soon as you confirm the payment, so you can start gambling as soon as you tap to confirm.

As such, depositing money using a pre-paid plan is like using a debit card as you have to pay before using the service. And doing this with a post-paid plan is like using a credit card for payment - you can use the service right then and pay the amount at the end of the month.

Using Wi-Fi vs. Using Mobile Internet for Boku Payments

While other payment methods, like PayForIt, vary in their transaction processes depending on whether you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi for deposits, the case with Boku is quite different. As you have to confirm the payments using SMS messages, it does not matter whether you initiate the request on a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

How to Withdraw Money From Your Online Casino Account

Like all other pay by phone payment methods, you cannot use Boku to withdraw money from your online casino account. The online casino only knows your mobile phone number, so they cannot transfer the money to your account.

If you wish to cash out the winnings from your casino account, you will have to provide additional information to the casino. You can either choose to get the money transferred to your bank account by telling them your account number, or you can opt for direct transfer to your electronic wallet if you have one. It is important to read your online casino's terms and conditions when you first sign up. Many of them allow you to perform a cheque withdrawal as well if you do not wish to give out your sensitive personal information.

Security Guidelines for Using Boku

Using Boku for online payments is extremely safe. As long as you make payments to a legitimate and registered online casino, your money will remain in safe hands. You can use it to gamble to your heart's content, and it will be there in your casino account for when you decide to cash out your winnings.

Using Boku is an extremely safe method of payment in today's world of privacy concerns. As you do not need to hand out sensitive personal information to the casino, you can ensure online privacy. Additionally, there are no records of online gambling activities linked to your bank account when you use Boku. Only your monthly phone bill reflects these activities, so you can keep them private if you want to. Even if you use your bank account to pay your mobile phone bill, your bank statement will only disclose that you used the money to pay the phone bill - the bank itself has no idea what you used the money for using Boku. This makes Boku, and other pay by mobile payment methods, invaluable for people who are concerned about their privacy online.

The Fees and Limits Associated with Boku

There are no additional or hidden fees associated with using Boku. This means that you will only be charged the amount that the casino adds to your account. You will not have to pay a penny out of your pocket to use Boku to make online payments.

However, there are limits on the deposit amounts you can transfer using Boku. If you are on a pre-paid plan, your deposit amount cannot exceed the current balance on your pre-paid network. Other than that, there are other limits on the amount per transaction, time intervals between transactions, and limits of subscriptions as well.

You cannot hold or purchase more than €150 of electronic currency at any given time. You also cannot use more than €2,500 of electronic currency for online purchases in a single calendar year. If you hit either one of these caps, future attempts to make the transaction will fail, so be responsible with your spending habits.

Features and Advantages of Boku

One of the main attractions of the Boku method of paying by mobile phone is that it only requires a working mobile network. You can carry out online transactions even if you do not have a credit or debit card - or if you do, but do not want to use them for any reason online. With pay by phone methods like Boku, you do not even need to have a bank account to make online purchases!

One of the main features of Boku casinos is that their websites, apps, and games are all optimized for use on a small mobile screen, rather than tablet or laptop screens. What this means for you is that you can enjoy the same quality of online gambling, whether you are at your desk or on the move.

The Pros and Cons of Using Boku

The convenience provided by Boku is one of the reasons why many modern gamblers prefer this method of payment online.

However, nothing can be perfect, and neither is Boku. There are a couple of drawbacks when it comes to this payment method. The first is that you cannot use Boku to withdraw money from your online casino account. The online casino doesn't know any further details about you other than those that you provided them, and they cannot transfer the money to your phone number. To make a withdrawal, you will have to provide additional details, such as your bank account number or eWallet, to your online casino. Doing so, however, will give up the benefit of privacy that makes Boku such an indispensable choice of payment method for online gamblers.

The other disadvantage to all forms of pay by phone payment methods is to find a mobile casino that accepts Boku payments. This is not as much of a problem with Boku as it is with other services - as Boku is much more popular than other pay by phone payment options. However, if you still need help finding a good Boku casino, you can take a look at the list we previously compiled in this article. Registering at these sites will give you a sweet little bonus as well, to kick-start your online gambling.


Pay by phone payment methods like Boku have made life easier, more secure, and convenient for modern gamblers. If you want to take a crack at the online gambling scene using Boku, pick one of the sites we listed above and avail your free welcome bonus today!

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Boku Casinos in Ireland FAQ:

⚡What is the main advantage of using boku for depositing online casinos?
Privacy is the main advantage of using pay by mobile methods such as Boku. By compartmentalizing the information, neither the casino nor the bank knows everything about your online transactions. When you use Boku, you do not have to unnecessarily hand out your private information to external parties and keep your sensitive personal information private.
⚡Is it convenient to use Boku for online casino payments??
You only have to enter your mobile number once, when you are registering for the service. Making subsequent deposits is a simple matter of a few taps on your mobile phone. With Boku, you do not need to repetitively enter details such as your name, mobile number, credit card number, or bank account number every time you wish to make a deposit.

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