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People around the world associate the Irish with luck. The oft-heard phrase ‘luck of the Irish’ stems from the fact that a lot of Irish miners struck it rich during the Gold Rush.

Keeping in line with their reputation, Irishmen have always had a penchant for gambling. With the Betting (Amendment) Act signed into law in 2015, there was a rush of renewed interest in online gambling and mobile casinos in the Irish market. This inevitably led to more convenient and private ways to pay for such casino accounts on the internet, and PayForIt is just one of the many such payment methods in Ireland.

What is PayForIt?

PayForIt is an online payment method that was originally set up by the top four telecom carriers of the UK; O2, Three, EE, and Vodafone. Although originally it required you to set up a credit card for payment since 2010, it evolved into a pay-by-mobile system that only requires your phone number to function. PayForIt provides an easy way for subscribers of these four carriers to perform online transactions without the need for a debit or credit card.

PayForIt allows you to pay for digital content and services using nothing but your phone. You can buy apps, videos, and games using your mobile credit and enjoy instantaneous downloads. What PayForIt is best known for, however, is online gambling. PayForIt offers a safe, convenient, and easy solution to online players for funding their mobile casino account. You can seamlessly make deposits using your mobile phone bill, and then use that money to play any casino slots or craps or other casino games online.

It should be noted, however, that not all online casino sites in Ireland support PayForIt casino depositing. You might have to scour the internet to find PayForIt casinos. You can identify these websites by the PayForIt option they include in their registration and cash deposit pages. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of PayForIt mobile casinos that do support this payment method.

Online mobile casinos that accept PayForIt Deposits in Ireland

Most of the PayForIt mobile casinos offer a generous welcome bonus or free spins when you sign up for their service. You should take note that these offers are dependent on the payment method. As an example, you might get one offer if you are using Boku to fund your account, and different offers if you choose to use PayForIt as your payment method. Thus, make sure that you use PayForIt to fund your online casino account. Otherwise, you may not get these bonus offers.

The Latest Popular PayForIt Casino Sites

  1. 100% bonus up to €300 and 20 free spins
  2. 100% welcome bonus up to £200 and 11 free spins
  3. NetBet: 100% welcome bonus up to £200 and 10 free spins
  4. Mansion Casino: 10% Cashback and £500 Welcome Package
  5. Vegas Hero: €1000 Welcome Bonus and 50 Free Spins
  6. 100% Welcome Bonus up to £100
  7. 100% Bonus up to £200 and 200 Free Spins
  8. $1000 Welcome Bonus and 200 Free Spins
  9. 100% up to €200 Welcome Bonus and 100 Bonus Spins
  10. Luck Land: €1,000 and 200 Free Spins

The 10 Best PayForIt Casino Sites

  1. Play Club: 100% bonus up to €200 and 100 free spins
  2. 100% up to €800 and 100 Extra Spins
  3. €500 Welcome Bonus and 50 Extra Spins
  4. Up to €1000 Welcome Bonus and 200 Free Spins
  5. Offers €300 Welcome Bonus
  6. 100% First Deposit Bonus up to €200 and 100 Free Spins
  7. Magic Red Casino: up to €200 Welcome Bonus and 100 Free Spins
  8. Genesis Casino: €1000 Welcome Bonus and 300 Free Spins
  9. 100% Bonus up to €100 and 200 Free Spins
  10. 100% Welcome Bonus up to €200 and 100 Free Spins

How to Use PayForIt for Online Gambling

Using PayForIt for online transactions in Ireland is incredibly simple. After finding a suitable mobile casino website that accepts this payment method, you must use your PayForIt-compatible telecom carrier to deposit cash into your online casino account. Once that step is complete, you can easily pay by mobile and play slots and other games to your heart’s content.

Depositing money using PayForIt

Depositing money into your casino account is a similar process regardless of which telephone carrier you use. This process only differs between prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

For prepaid (Pay As You Go) subscribers, you can use your existing prepaid credit to buy online casino currency. When you confirm the payment, you instantly get the currency in your online account, and the amount is deducted from your available credit on your phone at the same time.

If you have a post-paid account, depositing money is a little bit different. You can choose PayForIt to fund your online casino account, and when you confirm the deposit, you instantaneously get the currency in your account. The amount is added to your monthly mobile phone bill, and you can pay for the transaction when you receive your next phone bill at the end of the month.

It is perhaps better to understand it this way; PayForIt for prepaid subscribers is like paying for your casino account with a debit card, as the money gets deducted from your available airtime as soon as you pay for it. On the other hand, using PayForIt as a postpaid subscriber is like paying with a credit card for casino currency, as you have to pay the bill at the end of the month, rather than right then.

You can check all of your PayForIt transactions on your monthly mobile phone bill. There will be the name of the casino service you used the payment method for, along with the price of the service and a customer helpline number of the online casino in case you need any help or clarification.

Using Wi-Fi vs. Using Mobile Internet

The payment process for PayForIt depends heavily on whether you are using a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile internet connection to access the payment screen.

Using the service while on mobile data is the simpler of the two options. PayForIt recognizes your phone number automatically and you will only have to go through a two-step process for payment. The first screen will tell you about the details of the service, the name of its provider, and other relevant information, along with a button for purchasing the service. When you press this button, you will encounter a second screen detailing all the terms and conditions and asking you to confirm the purchase. As soon as you click confirm, the payment will go through.

Using Wi-Fi for PayForIt purchases adds two more steps to this process. Since the service has no way of detecting and verifying your phone number over Wi-Fi, you will have to do this manually. The first screen will ask you for your phone number, which you will provide. Then, to confirm that the number actually belongs to you, PayForIt will send a text message to that number that contains an authorization code. You will need to enter this code into the second screen to verify your identity. Once that step is complete, however, the rest of the process is the same as using mobile data.

As soon as you buy the item or service, you will see a confirmation screen, after which your phone will automatically take you back to the casino’s website. Your network carrier will then send you a text message containing the receipt of your purchase.

Once you confirm the deposit using this pay by phone method, you are ready to play your favorite casino games.

How to Withdraw money

Unfortunately, the withdrawal process is not as straightforward. You cannot use PayForIt to make withdrawals, so you will have to use different methods if you want to cash out your winnings. These might differ from casino to casino, but you can get the winnings transferred to your bank account if you provide the casino with your account details. You can even get the winnings transferred to your eWallet if you so desire. However, if you do not want to disclose your personal information to the bank, some casinos allow you to opt for a cheque withdrawal. But the usual waiting times for this method are excruciatingly long.

Security Guidelines

Using PayForIt to carry online transactions is very secure and ensures your privacy on the internet. Many people might be skeptical of using this method of payment, but there is no cause for concern. As long as you are making online purchases on a legitimate website, your money is completely safe.

Always make sure that you are carrying out the payments on a legitimate and registered casino if you want to gamble online. This will allow you to keep your winnings safe and give you the ability to withdraw them whenever you want.

Additionally, using PayForIt allows you to keep your personal information private and not disclose it to the online casino. If you are concerned about privacy, PayForIt is an excellent option to maintain that. With no bank account linked to your internal telecom network transactions, there is no record of gambling activities in your bank statement. Even when you use your bank account to pay your phone bill, your bank statement will only disclose that you used the money to pay your phone bill. It will not reveal what you used the money for since the bank itself has no knowledge of this. This allows you to keep your gambling activities private.

Features and Advantages of PayForIt

PayForIt is a very good alternative to traditional payment methods. It enables you to carry out online transactions without having either a credit or debit card. With this method, you do not even need to have a bank account to make a purchase online!

Additionally, the online mobile casinos that offer PayForIt as an accepted payment method have games optimized for mobile screens, rather than laptop or tablet screens. This allows users to get a better experience of the game while they are away from their desks.

The Pros and Cons of PayForIt

The most valuable advantage of using PayForIt for mobile payments is undoubtedly the privacy it provides to the end-users. There is no cumbersome need to enter details such as your name, bank account number, credit card number, or even your mobile phone number. This makes PayForIt an indispensable option for modern players. They can quickly pay for purchases while on the move without reaching into their pockets for their credit cards.

Unfortunately, you cannot use PayForIt to withdraw your winnings from your casino account. To do this, you will have to provide additional information, such as your eWallet or bank account. This undoes the privacy advantages offered by the payment method in the first place.

Another disadvantage of using PayForIt is that not all websites support the PayForIt payment method. You have to scout the internet for reliable websites that accept this method before you can play online. Fortunately for you, we have already detailed a list of such websites previously in this article.

The Fees and Limits Associated with PayForIt

There are no fees associated with using PayForIt as your payment method. The exact amount of the service is what you are charged for when using PayForIt. You do not have to worry about any hidden or additional charges.

If you are using a prepaid account for PayForIt, the transaction limit is the same amount as the prepaid credit on your number. If you try to spend more money than they're currently is on your account, the payment will fail to process and go through. If you have a post-paid account, your PayForIt limit may vary based on your choice of the network carrier. Contact them for more details in this regard.

Regardless of your account type, you can set custom limits for transactions using PayForIt. This allows you to keep your online spending habits in check and prevent you from going overboard with the purchases.


PayForIt is an incredibly useful tool to make online transactions. Allowing convenient, secure, and private mobile payments online, they are an ideal choice of payment method for many players to play casino games online. If you want to try your luck, check out one of the casinos we mentioned in this article. It just might be your lucky day!

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⚡Is it convenient to use Payforit for online casino payments?
PayForIt is also incredibly convenient. Making and confirming a purchase when you are on mobile data is only a matter of tapping the screen two times! 
⚡What is the main advantage of using Payforit for depositing online casinos?
With no need to disclose your financial details and other personally sensitive information to the online casino, you can ensure your privacy online. The bank only needs to know your phone number and the amount of money you deposit.

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